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Charting programs come and go but with Ultimatrades you are assured that it will continue to be developed, marketed and supported by us at all times...

Educational Tools 



Why Ultimatrades

Ultimatrades is developed for investors, keeping in mind that in this day and age, most of our clients do not want to spend a lot of time searching through hundreds of shares to find ones that have the best long term potential to show good capital growth and great dividend payments. With our continued research and development, we have created a program that simplifies the decision process of finding value shares

Portfolio Manager

 Once you have narrowed down these shares, our plethora of technical tools provided assists you with the timing of when to place your purchase orders for your selected share(s) . Stop losses built into your Portfolio Manager ensures that you are protected from major drops in the market by automatically alerting you of any shares that have suffered a decline in price.


logoSENS News

The daily SENS (Stock Exchange News Services) messages keep you right up-to-date with the latest company announcements that could have an effect on the share price. Our regularly updated Company Information pages provide a large and important selection of fundamental information about each company, such as Dividend Yields, Earning Yields, P.E. Ratios, Directors Dealings, Annual Growth Rates, Major Shareholders and lots more.

Program Features

That is not all, Ultimatrades program also contains the following: · A fully fledged and highly effective technical analysis program that is regularly updated with new features. · A historical database going back to 1985. · A comprehensive getting started manual. · Easy to follow installation instructions. · In excess of 200 pages of lecture notes about investing on the Stock Market. · A comprehensive Glossary of investment terms. · Training DVD’s with 28 video clips on how to make the most of your software. Hourly price updates starting at 10am right throughout the day.